Vakil welcomes Governor’s decision

Srinagar, Nov 22: President Jammu and Kashmir Bachao Tehreek and former minister Abdul Gani Vakil Thursday while welcoming Governor Satya Pal Malik’s move of dissolving Jammu and Kashmir Assembly, said that the decision taken is in spirit of democracy to stop another attempt of dynastic politics in the State.
In a statement issued here, Vakil said how it was possible that the parties with different ideologies could form a stable government. “The coming together of such parties in a grouping is nothing but an attempt to gain power rather than to form a good government. It was an attempt of extensive horse trading and possible exchange of money to seal the power by hook and crook. We welcome Governor’s decision,” Vakil said.
Vakil said this coalition of NC-PDP and Congress was in haste just to grab the power. “Till yesterday, the NC and Congress were blaming and taunting PDP for all the mess in Kashmir and bringing BJP in the State, then how in one night all the sins of PDP have been washed away. It has been again clear that all these three parties can do anything to grab power. It was all in haste and there was no common minimum program,” he said.
He said that this attempt of grand alliance of PDP-NC and Congress has only given a chance to BJP to fuel more polarisation, in Jammu region. “This hasty arrangement has only helped BJP,” Vakil said.
The former minister, who floated his own party Jammu Kashmir Bachao Tehreek last year, appealed the people that it is the right time to get united and fight the dynasty rule and explore options of a Third Front comprising good leaders and intellectual minds from other walks of life.
“People should come forward to form a Third Front minus any communal force like BJP,” Vakil said.
Lambasting at PDP, NC and Congress for eroding the Article 370 and Article 35-A, Vakil said these parties from time to time for the sake of power and to appease their masters left no stone unturned to erode the special status of J&K.
“Now they are telling people that they got united to save Article 370. No one is a fool here, but all these leaders of these opportunistic political parties are living in fool’s paradise. You helped each other to erode these Articles, now you are telling people that you want to save it. The shame is ashamed of you all,” Vakil said.