Murder of democracy: Hakeem Yaseen

Srinagar, Nov 22: Chairman PDF Hakeem Yaseen has said that dissolution of J&K legislative assembly suddenly was an undemocratic exercise at a time when a serious effort was underway to cobble up a civilian government in the state. He said by dissolving state assembly like this, the Centre has once again committed murder of democracy in the socio-politically super sensitive restive state to satiate its petty interests.
In a statement, Hakeem Yaseen said that dissolution of state assembly in an ambiguous way amounts to murder of democracy adding that this would further add to the existing mistrust among the people of the state towards mainstream politics. He said by dissolving state assembly ambiguously, centre has once again committed murder of democracy in the state. He said it shows centre has learnt no lesson from its past mistakes and it does not want to respect mandate of the people of the state.
He cautioned that undemocratic exercises to satiate petty political gains would have serious repercussions on the state verses centre relations given the fragile and super sensitive socio-political position of the state. “Centre ought to restraint from playing vote bank politics in the restive state and work towards winning hearts and minds of the people,” Hakeem Yaseen maintained.
He said respecting people’s mandate was imperative to win lost trust of states people. (KNS)