Dead end

Dead end
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Former External Affairs Minister Natwar Singh has minced no words to admit that relationship between India and Pakistan is “accident prone” and it won’t improve as both the countries carry too much baggage.
A veteran politician and a man who has remained the External Affairs Minister of the country has made a bold assertion and it cannot be just brushed aside. Since India and Pakistan came into existence in 1947 they have been just fighting with each other over one or other issue.
Pakistan believes that India is responsible for separation of East Pakistan (Bangladesh) from it while India accuses Pakistan of fighting a proxy war in Kashmir.
Since the day BJP led NDA government has taken over the reins of the country it has made it clear that Kashmir is a “settled issue” and there is no point in discussing Kashmir with Pakistan.
“The fact is there is no solution for Kashmir, everything has been tried. The other fact is that Indo-Pak relations are chronically accident prone. The future of Indo-Pak relations lies in the past. Both countries carry too much baggage… I don’t see any change in our relationship. It is cheese and chalk… as simple as that. It’s a great pity,” Natwar Singh said.
He went step ahead and said that India made a fundamental mistake by going to the United Nations on the Kashmir issue. What Singh has said reflects the foreign policy of India. Seven decades have passed since the day India took the Kashmir issue to United Nations but after that it took no step to pursue this issue in the United Nations as the Indian leaders realized that they should not have taken the Kashmir issue to the UN. It seems that consensus has been build across the board that UN chapter has to be closed to make Kashmir an “integral part” of the union of India.