May my tears alarm you

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Asif Maqbool Bhat

World has changed into a global village and soon we may be able to discover or establish colonies or civilizations on the other planets of universe. But alas the people who have real treasure of knowledge in their possession i,e. Muslims with the holy Quran are trailing behind the non Muslims and atheists. This is strange enough.The question is why the believers are in the miserable conditions on all the fronts of life. The answer is simple because the possessors of the treasure of knowledge have lost their worth the possession spiritually, morally and educationally. The other conditions, i,e. the economical and military might is subsequent to the above mentioned requirements for any development.Majority of believers of God in this world of 21st century are in no way better than the non believers or atheists.. W are lacking even secondary qualities which the western non believers have, i.e truthfulness, straight forwardness, hard work etc. which they adopted in general and we have given up in particular.Muslim ummah is passing through a phase of reconstruction, almost whole Ummah whether Kashmir, Burma, Palestine is suppressed in one way or the other, economically, politically, morally and psychologically.The people who are able to understand and wish to bring this ummah out of this state, need to work hard and hard on all fronts, i,e. spritual, moral, educational and other related.Let us join hands to bring this much needed revolution in this ummah on all fronts by following the instructions of the holy Quran. Let us bear the thirst to acquire the knowledge which will not only help you to overcome the political, economical and social issues but will make us so powerful to defeat other civilizations.