Mass cutting of green gold goes unnoticed in Rajwara Handwara

Forest officials, timber smugglers evade action

Srinagar, Nov 18: Timber smugglers in Rajwar forest area of Kupwara district are axing huge trees used for constructions as the concerned officers and officials of forest department turn a deaf ear to the growing public outcry on this count.
Eyewitness said that timber smugglers continue cutting down huge forest trees in day time and bring it down in tractors and bring the huge logs of forest wood down to plain areas for commercial purposes. Though the forest officials were approached to know their response about the mass cutting of forest trees in Rajwar forest area but they didn’t bother to pick up phone calls. The locals have sought the intervention of Advisor to Governor holding the charge of forest portfolio for immediate intervention and strong curbs on the timber smuggling in the area. (KNS)