Get ready to tame winter

Get ready to tame winter
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Winter has set in early in Kashmir. Temperatures are decreasing with each passing day and rain, snow are forcing people to sit indoors.
Experts are of the opinion that this year winter could be harsh and people could face hardships due to the possibilities about Srinagar-Jammu highway getting closed for traffic. As its people are facing unscheduled power cuts and the prices of the essentials have skyrocketed during the past few days.
A few inches of snow on November 3 caught entire administration napping. It took more than 24-hours for the administration to restore the essential services. If a few inches of snow can wreak havoc then one can imagine what could be the scene if Srinagar city receives 2 to 3 feet of snowfall. The people who can afford are already making plans to spend winters outside the state. But the ones who cannot afford are trying to stock the essentials and other commodities to save themselves from getting caught in awkward situation.
For the past few days Advisors to the Governor have held series of meetings with the officials and have directed them to ensure that they should be prepared to deal with any eventuality.
People, who are running the state, know it very well that weather vagaries could pose a big challenge and could lead to life coming to a standstill.
The administration has to remain on toes to address the concerns of the masses. Winter season has always been tough in Kashmir but this year it seems it could be more harsh and tough. The government would have to remain on toes to ensure that the coming months pass off without people facing shortage of essentials, including the fuel.