India, Pak need to do soul searching

India, Pak need to do soul searching
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Former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir and National Conference Vice-President Omar Abdullah has asked the Prime Minister Imran Khan led government in Pakistan to do some soul searching on India’s concerns to make way for a process of engagement on Kashmir.
Omar has made a point. He has tried to tell Pakistan that it cannot just keep on terming Kashmir as a “core issue” and expect India to fall in the line and start negotiations about handing over Kashmir to Pakistan.
The rulers in Pakistan should realize that India has got its own compulsions and cannot give Kashmir in a platter to the neighbouring country.
Everyone knows that Kashmir is a complex issue and it needs to be resolved but both the countries would have to address the concerns of each other to find an amicable solution. Both the countries not talking to each other has flared up the tensions and armies of both the nations have been pushed to the brink. The skirmishes on the Line of Control and on the International Borders have become an everyday routine.
Both the countries have to ensure that forces that are inimical to a dialogue on both sides of the border are kept at bay to allow the process to begin.
If Pakistan is really sincere about talks it should offer an unconditional dialogue rather than seeking talks which would focus only on Kashmir. The ice has to break for things to move forward.
Recently Omar Abdullah had asked New Delhi that if it can hold “unofficial talks” with Taliban, why it cannot hold “unofficial talks” with the Kashmiri militants. In fact both India and Pakistan should do some soul searching to find a way to end the tensions and avoid a bigger confrontation.