K-solution can’t be ignored

K-solution can’t be ignored
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Former Intelligence Bureau (IB) Special Director and former Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) chief AS Dulat has exuded hope that dialogue between India and Pakistan would begin soon.
He has said that the four point formula which was mooted by the former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf in 2006 could prove to be a “good starting point.” “If that agreement had been worked out between (Gen Pervez) Musharraf and Dr Manmohan Singh, my assessment is that we would have had at least 15 years of peace in Kashmir,” he said.
Dulat’s assertion is an indication that a few people in India still believe that Kashmir has to be resolved for peace to prevail. The developments which have taken place during the past few years indicate that people sitting in New Delhi are in no mood to soften their stand and don’t want to talk about any solutions.
Just a few days ago National Conference President and former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir Dr Farooq Abdullah had suggested that Ireland type model could be worked out to resolve the Kashmir issue. However, his suggestion did not evoke any response from New Delhi. In fact his statement was ignored by the people who really matter.
Former RAW chief A S Dulat and Dr Farooq Abdullah are veterans as they have seen all the phases of the Kashmir conflict. And they know it very well that Kashmir problem cannot be brushed under the carpet.
People who are running the country at present should not ignore the suggestions which are being put forward by the veterans. Iron fist policy has not worked. Talks are the only way and Kashmir solution cannot be ignored.