Bandipora suffers due to scattered institutions established without proper planning: Bhat

Bandipora, Nov 11: Senior PDP leader Nizamuddin Bhat Sunday said that various areas in valley have remained underdeveloped because of the uneven infrastructure building and disharmony in administrative control.
Bhat in a statement said there is also an unimaginative distribution of institutions with scant regard for requirement on basis of population, geography and actual need.
He said district Bandipora is one of the such locations where despite availability of funds the area suffers on account of scattered institutions which have been established without proper planning.
Bhat said that is why Putushai grid station exhausted full budget and added costs without getting commissioned. “Similarly, KVK has been rendered useless because of unresolved disputes with villagers. Degree College also has become a cumbersome place for its location for students and teachers which exhausts energy and talent.”
He said how distressing it is to see district hospital building incomplete even after change of location and time period of over a decade.
Bhat said municipal committee infrastructure built in Nishar park presents a visible example of a crime committed with environment and faith, damaging park and taking away the sanctity of Eid Gah.
He said worst has happened to Ajas area as it has dual control of representatives and administration.
Bhat said despite huge population and difficult location this beautiful place of promising talent and culture does not have a separate education zone and is deprived of a PHC.
He said that uneven and badly placed institutions and infrarasteucture have impaired the growth and development of Bandipora and demanded that whole planning reviewed and reshaped on basis of area planning and targeted use of funds.
Bhat appreciated efforts of some local youth bodies in the district who are engaged in raising public issues and do some good work in the area of awareness.
He said administration should take note of inputs being provided by such bodies so that corrective measures are taken at administrative level to ensure even growth and satisfactory development commensurate to fund flow which if utilised properly will end the growing deprivation.