Farooq throws ball in Delhi’s court

Farooq throws ball in Delhi’s court
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The three time chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir and National Conference President Dr Farooq Abdullah has come up with an idea that Governments of India and Pakistan should start a sustained dialogue process and come up with an Ireland-type settlement model to resolve the procrastinated Kashmir issue.
The idea is not bad but the point is, are there any takers? Would New Delhi agree to any settlement? Dr Farooq has been reiterating that Kashmir needs to be resolved and India and Pakistan should talk. But he also knows it very well that Indo-Pak dialogue won’t happen at least in near future.
Most of the Kashmir based politicians are on the same page vis-à-vis resolution of Kashmir issue. They have realized that if India and Pakistan don’t start talking to each other situation in Kashmir won’t improve. And if the situation keeps on deteriorating the mainstream parties would find it difficult to gain the ground in the Valley. It seems that the politicians, who have represented New Delhi in Kashmir, are feeling the heat. They have realized that “concrete talks” between India and Pakistan are the only way out and if both the countries don’t show any flexibility it can lead to a bigger confrontation and war also cannot be ruled out.
The NC president besides suggesting Ireland type model has once again said that restoring Jammu and Kashmir’s autonomy is the only way ahead to address the political and developmental deficit of all the regions of the state.
Despite mainstream politicians urging New Delhi to adopt the middle path people sitting in the national capital seem least interested in taking suggestions from Kashmir based politicians.