Few inches of snow creates havoc

Few inches of snow creates havoc
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A few inches of snow created havoc across Kashmir and disrupted everything. Winter arriving early this year is an indication that coming days are not going to be that easy.
Administration should remain prepared to deal with the inclement weather conditions in coming months. Situation can be more challenging.
Arrival of the snow early this year is a warning that winters could be harsh and more problems could be in the offing. Administration needs to gear up and remain prepared for handling more difficult challenges.
The people at the helm should ensure that there is enough stock of essential commodities especially in the far flung areas. Another sector which could get affected is power sector. If Kashmir receives heavy snowfall it can lead to transmission lines and transformers getting damaged. Recently Jammu and Kashmir Finance department sanctioned Rs 5 crore for repairing the defunct transformers. The step was taken to ensure that if the transformers get damaged these could be replaced without any delay. This time around Srinagar only received a few inches of snow. The volume of snow could be more in coming days as Chillai-Kalan, the harshest 40-day winter period, is still far away.
A few inches of snow caught the administration napping as it was evident that authorities couldn’t handle the crisis. Since the day Srinagar received first snowfall of the season prices of essential commodities have sky-rocketed. Frequent closure of Srinagar-Jammu highway has added to the woes of the people as supplies are not reaching the winter capital. Authorities have to ensure that black-marketers and hoarders are kept at bay so that they don’t loot the common people.