Lack of maintenance leaves SKUAST Kmr toilets filthy, employees irked

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Will look into the issue: Authorities

Srinagar, Nov 5: The toilets in the office of Vice-Chancellor of Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences & Technology Kashmir, here in Shalimar Srinagar are allegedly in a very pathetic condition due to an utter state of neglect and absence of maintenance.
The insiders here alleged that though over the years cores of rupees have been spend by the authorities for their cozy offices but if one looks to the toilets he will find them in a messy position.
“We are all quite surprised as to how the toilets of such an important place can be so messy that one would rather relieve outside than enter the loo. The authorities must immediately resolve the issue as countless local employees and visitors use them,” one of the employees working in the VC’s office said.
They said that it seems that the authorities have forgotten the toilet maintenance.
The employees pointed that it was rather “shameful” that despite the Prime Minister’s Swachha Bharat Abhiyan the toilets of such an important place are still in such a stinky and messy state.
Sources said that these dingy toilets have become source of infection for the employees and the visitors.
“Stinking toilets are causing inconvenience to us. It is ironical that concerned authorities have failed to ensure proper sanitation of toilets,” said a group of aggrieved employees.
The employees alleged that due to unclean toilets, they frequently suffer from urinary tract infection.
An employee here in the VC’s office admitted that the toilets were in a bad shape and the employees have been facing difficulty using them.
“I could not enter the washroom because of the strong stench and water which was continuously flowing from the tap of the sink,” said a visitor, who had come here to meet Registrar.
Medical experts say that dirty toilets are a breeding ground for bacteria which can cause infections. Doctors advise that toilets should be kept clean and dry as much as possible. The toilet seats also harbour germs and should be wiped before every use in order to prevent any chances of disease.
The Vice Chancellor, Dr Nazir Ahmad was not available for comments however authorities here assured to look into the issue. (KNS)