Immunopathology and the contribution of Dr. Manzoor Ahmad Mir

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Khalid Lateef

Science and the human efforts are relative to each other. Arabic proverb “ Al hajatul umal ikhtira”, i.e, necessity is the mother of invention. Moulana Rumi (R.A) in his allegorical poetry is conveying;
“ I am not from the East or the west.
I am not Christian or Jew or Muslim.
I am not Hindu, Sufi , Bhuddist or Zen.
I do not belong to any established religion or any cultural system.
I am neither the body nor the soul.
for I belong to Divine soul of my Lord, my beloved.”
Allama Habibullah Wani , great intellectual and educationist of Kupwara has many contributions to his credit. But, infact he created a thought of scientific temperament, rationality in his town. He was a scholar, educationist and a visionary. Thus his idea of conjecture, speculation created a movement of grappling the concepts. In his archived articles, he writes;
“ How can science reach the masses those who know everything of something are few, whereas who know something of things constitute a majority of humans. Needless to state that those who know do not easily let know who do not know. Why so? It is because of the fact that man is by nature selfish, gregarious, dependent, reactionary and subject to competition. These urges force man to mingle and cooperate with and seek help and assistance from others. He reacts positively or negatively to actions of others. These inherent capabilities make human world dynamic , innovative and keep it going.” Jarullah archives 2006.
The origin of investigation, speculation, observation, experimentation, reductionism and idea exists from our parents Adam (pbuh) and Eve (pbuh). From the stories of Qisas ul Ambiya (stories of prophets) , we are familiar with the exile of our parents from jannah (paradise). Thus after the birth of civilisation, the science of human immunology i.e, digestion in the diaphragm, morality and physical structure of human beings existed. However in metaphysical terms, souls and physical bodies are intertwined in one another. So every chemical and physical life is a materialistic thing, trapped into the slavery of life and death. To apply science or to do science meant, that some sought of chemical reaction or biological life into the form of atoms, molecules, chromosomal threads and Gene tails govern us. Allama Iqbal says;
“ Silsilaye rooz o shab naqush ghare hadsaat,
Silsilaye rooz o shab hayat wa mammaat.
Silsilaye rooz o shab tareer e hareer rang.
Jis se banate hay zaat apni qabaaye sifaat.”
Baale jabraeel( Gabriel’s wings) , Masjide Qurtaba. I.e, the mosque of Cordoba, Al- Andalusia ( Muslim Spain ).
Translation; the cycle of day and night is the engraver of events.
The cycle of day and night is the essence of life and death.
The cycle of day and night is a two colored thread and silk.
With which the being weaves it’s attire of traits.
Dr. Manzoor Ahmad Mir
Dr. Manzoor was born at Trehgam, Kupwara in 1976. He completed his accreditations from different institutes of Kashmir. He has qualified CSIR JRF(NET) thrice times and completed his PhD from Jawahar Lal University in 2009.He is a dedicated scholar and teacher in the field of tuberculosis immunology and cancer Biology. He was the member of the team who developed highly effective Immunosuppressive drug Cerulomysin-A. His seven research books have been published internationally on cancer Biology, costimulation etc. Moreover, he is an author of 51 research papers in the field of Biological and immunological studies. Currently, Dr Manzoor is working as an senior assistant professor in bio resources department at University of Kashmir. I am very surprised to see his long CV, but i am unable to scribe. His work as a bio scientist is very lengthy. Inshallah i am dividing these ideas into small columns. So that I can explain very briefly all about our pride Dr Manzoor. I am a student of philosophy, Litreture ,Religion and comparative studies. But , it is my own wish to Reunify physics, Mathematics, logic, History, Archaeology etc, in a same chants of Talisman.
Works of Dr Manzoor
(1) Recent Advances in stroke thereuptics.
(2) Developing Costimulatory molecules for immunotherapy of diseases.
(3)Cancer and infectious diseases Modern approaches of treatment.
(4) Role of natural herbs in stroke prevention and treatment.
May Allah reward Dr Manzoor for such deeds. He has developed the medicine an Immunosuppressive drug Cerulomysin-A with his team.
Rumi contemplates his idea in these words;
“I drank that wine of
Which the soul is its vessel.
Its ecstasy has stolen my intellect away.
A light came and kindled a flame in the depth of my soul .
A light so radiant that the sun orbits around it like a butterfly.
Masnavi Rumi
“Yaar Zinda Sohbat Baaqi”
Translation;” Reunion is subordinate to survival”