New BJP councilors face uphill task

New BJP councilors face uphill task
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Bharatiya Janata Party winning more than 100 municipal wards in the recently held Urban Local Bodies (ULB) polls is making the saffron party believe that it has made inroads in the Valley and it would be able to make an impact in the forthcoming parliamentary elections.
The BJP won 60 percent of the more than 100 wards in Kashmir unopposed, and the rest were won by very small margins. Many BJP leaders are of the opinion that winning ULB polls is an achievement for their party and it has provided an opportunity to them to work for the people and make them aware about BJP’s agenda.
Many people believe that BJP should not celebrate its victory as the voter turnout has been low and there was no competition at all in the absence of the Kashmir based parties.
NC and PDP leaders have been claiming that BJP winning the ULB polls won’t help the party’s cause in the Valley as the people would never allow BJP to take them for a “ride.” The BJP can prove the PDP and NC leaders wrong by working hard on the ground level and by winning the confidence of the people.
Time only will tell whether the BJP would be able to handle the urban local bodies for next five years or not. People not taking part in the recently held ULB polls has already put a question mark on the entire process as the candidates, who have won, don’t even know whom they are representing. These candidates to begin with would have to first visit their wards to introduce themselves to the people whom they are supposed to represent. They would have to step out in the field to know who they are and where do they stand.