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Errors committed by school in discharge certificates cost one precious year of 3 students

Srinagar, Oct 31: For Syed Ali Murad Mission School, a non-leap year has 366 days. Due to this egregious blunder committed by school in the discharge certificates of three students, the parents are unable to admit their three wards in any of the schools here in Srinagar city.
Syed Ali Murad Mission School is located at Soiteng, Syed Abad here in the outskirts of Srinagar city that wasted one precious year of three kids of Gulzar Ahmed Akhoon who is still wandering from pillar to post to get the errors rectified made by the school in the discharge certificates.
“Nobody is listening to me. I have been knocking at the doors of authorities who all are passing the bucks,” said Gulzar Ahmed, a resident of Vethpara Soiteng.
Ariqa Gulzar and Huzifa Gulzar are twins who were promoted from Class 3rd to 4th at the school. Siyanat Gulzar is the brother of Ariqa and Huzifa who also was promoted to Class 5th from Class 4th. “I wanted to get these wards admitted in another school and demanded discharge certificates. The school management issued all the three discharge certificate with date of birth errors. The date of birth (dob) of my twins were shown as February 29, 2009 while the fact is that the year 2009 is not a leap year and has only 28 days. The actual dob of twins registered at Srinagar Municipal Corporation is February 29, 2008 and the date of birth of Huzifa is May 6, 2006 while school discharge certificate shows his dob as November 15, 2007,” said the father of the trio.
He added that not a single school is ready to get his children admitted as they demand actual dob certificates. “The DOB certificates issued by SMC and schools vary in content and that is why all my three little children are staying at home. They want to go to school but I am helpless to do anything for them as school authorities are asking me to get the letter signed by concerned Zonal Education Officer who is reluctant to do so, for the reasons better known to him,” Gulzar Ahmed said.
Ironically ZEO told this Reporter that he has sought records from the school and within one or two days he will check the same. When asked who could be blamed for the loss of precious year for these 3 kids, the ZEO had no answer. He even didn’t clarify why it took a year for him to act.
“My kids have lost a precious year and still I am not sure whether the Education Department will rectify the errors in coming days or not. I do blame school management for all my sufferings,” Gulzar Ahmed said.
“Instead of listening the matter, the Director School Education Kashmir asked me to contact Joint Director Education. The peon at the door of Joint Director never allowed me an entry,” Gulzar Ahmed said.