PM Modi will go to jail if Rafale probe begins: Rahul

PM Modi will go to jail if Rafale probe begins: Rahul
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Indore, Oct 30: “If an inquiry begins into the Rafale deal, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going to jail. It’s an open and shut case,” AICC chief Rahul Gandhi said during a meeting with journalists in Indore on Tuesday.
Pressing on with his attack on ‘corruption’ under the BJP government, he said: “I’m not saying this, it’s a former French President who has exposed the Rafale deal. PM Modi took the decision unilaterally and handed the Rs 30,000 cr deal to Anil Ambani. I believe an inquiry is about to begin in France. It’s a matter of time before PM Modi goes to jail.”
He reiterated that the CBI chief was removed because he was opening an investigation into the Rafale deal.
Asked about CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s threat to file a defamation suit, Rahul admitted he made a slip up by naming Chouhan’s family in the Panama papers. “BJP guys are involved in so many scams that I lost track,” he quipped.
Asked for his views on the Sabarimala controversy, Rahul said: “ My personal opinion is that women are equal and should be allowed into the temple. But my party unit in Kerala has a different view. It’s an extremely emotional issue with men and women in Kerala. There’s a difference of opinion with my party unit on this but I’m going with the party,” he said.
On his temple tours, he said: “Do Modi and Amit Shah have a theka on Hinduism? I can go to any temple I want.”
Asked if Congress was embracing Hindutva, he said: “Hinduism is different from Hindutva. Hinduism embraces everyone, it’s inclusive, it respects others. The BJP brand of Hindutva begins from anger and divisiveness. Congress is a party of Hinduism, not Hindutva.”
Jobs are going to be Congress priority in both the assembly and Lok Sabha election.