JKCSEU hails Guv for scarping insurance policy

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Demands repayment of money deducted from employees accounts

Srinagar, Oct 28: While appreciating governor Satya Pal Malik for scarping the contract for employees insurance with Reliance Group, J&K Civil Secretariat Employees Union President (JKCSEU) Ghulam Rasool Mir on Sunday demanded that money deducted from the accounts of employees shall be repaid with interest immediately.
Mir also demanded that those employees or their relatives who have been admitted to hospital on the insurance policy shall be provided continued treatment and expenses shall be borne by the government so that such patients do not suffer. “The government shall write to the hospital authorities that their payment against treatment to the employee or relative as was entitled in the policy shall be made by it,” Mir said.
Mir said that “culprits” responsible for such insurance policy shall be exposed and dealt with sternly so as to regain the faith of the common people in the governance of the state and give a clear message that those indulging in corrupt practices shall not be spared and punished according to the law of the land.
In a memorandum submitted to the governor, the civil secretariat employee union had agitated about the scheme. “The insurance policy is not employee friendly but imposing unexpected conditions and rides which should have not been a consideration in a policy ensuring lives.” It had pointed out that there was non-inclusion of Kashmir and Jammu based private hospitals in the facilities regarding cashless treatment to the employees.
The employees union had resolved that finance department should not release payment to the insurance company, deducted much early from the salaries of employees as a premium for the month of September 2018 onwards and that no premium shall be deducted from the employees’ salaries.
The Group Medical Policy with Reliance General Insurance was scarped and the Governor in an interview yesterday said that within four to five days of his takeover in August, the bureaucrats came to him and briefed him that the Policy has been well drafted and studied and was required to be implemented for benefit of employees and pensioners.
“I gave go ahead but when Government employees and others started raising fingers over the Policy, I had a detailed and fresh look at it and found discrepancies. I ordered scrapping of the contract,” he said, adding he knows who got what (in the scam), who is behind this (the Policy). “But, I will act when the inquiry is completed”.
He revealed that he has asked the Vigilance Organization to complete the probe within two months. “I will tell the Vigilance people to stop all their work to complete the inquiry. I’m going to lodge even criminal case against those found guilty,” he said and assured that no big fish will go scot free. “All those found guilty will be punished”. (GNS)