Unscheduled power cuts irks Ladoora Rafiabad residents

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Marki Aadil

Baramulla, Oct 26: Unscheduled power cuts make a life of common man especially students miserable in Ladoora village of Rafiabad Baramulla. The residents of the area alleged that the Power Development Department is not providing electricity as per schedule.
The students of the village said that suddenly power cuts have made the situation worse for them which impacts the study.
The locals of the area said that we have been paying regular power bills but still we are facing acute power crisis. The residents said that many people earn their livelihood from electricity, but without electricity they also face problem which has direct impact on their family.
The residents said they were facing acute power shortage and the unscheduled power cuts have become a cause of concern in their area.
The residents of Ladoora village appealed higher authority to look into the matter.