Poison on sale

Poison on sale
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Recently a charitable trust “We The Human” organized a seminar cum symposium here on adulteration and use of toxic chemicals in foods.The experts who spoke on the occasion made the participants aware about the use of toxic chemicals and adulterants in foods, beverages and confectionaries. They made startling revelation that use of chemicals in these food items has increased manifolds during the past few years. They cautioned that the law enforcing agencies should wake up and act against the people who are selling poison to the people. They warned that if the adulteration doesn’t stop happening of cancer related diseases in people would spread like an epidemic in coming years.Use of carcinogenic chemicals like calcium carbide & Chinese sachets for artificial ripening of fruits like mangoes, papaya, bananas etc in different markets of J&K have created havoc in the state.
Use of excessive sprays of toxic chemical pesticides and colouring agents in apple orchards and agricultural fields is a matter of grave concern. The government needs to adopt a strict modus operandi to check this menace. Even the milk which people consume is not safe. The use of chemicals in the milk products has set the alarm bells ringing. People are unaware about the fact that the packed foods being sold in the open market is not that safe.
The government agencies which are entrusted with the job of keeping a check on the adulteration seem to be in a slumber. These agencies need to put their act together and take the cognizance of the complaints about food items posing threat to the lives of people. They should make people aware about the food products which are unsafe. And the people at the helm should take a stern action against the culprits who for the sake of petty gains are playing a dangerous game.