Don’t talk about Indo-Pak parleys

Don’t talk about Indo-Pak parleys
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Governor Satya Pal Malik has minced no words to drive home a point that mainstream political parties should stop talking about peace talks between India and Pakistan as it is a matter between the two nations.
The Kashmir based mainstream parties National Conference and Peoples Democratic Party have been insisting that India should hold talks with Pakistan to end the prevailing tension in Jammu and Kashmir.
The Governor Malik has hardened his stand and has passed a clear message to the mainstream politicians that it doesn’t fall in their domain and they should keep out it.
He has exuded hope that talks between India and Pakistan would take place but it’s a direct hint that these parleys would be held on the higher level.
Since the day PDP-BJP government has fallen in the state New Delhi’s policy towards the mainstream parties in Kashmir has seen a drastic shift. New Delhi is trying to make it clear to these parties that their domain is just confined to governance and they should not poke their nose in the issues which need to be discussed at the higher levels. It looks like that line has been drawn and mainstream parties are being asked to choose.
The Kashmir based politicians have time and again tried to project themselves as the stake holders in talks. For the past many years Government of India never objected to it. But times have changed and the GoI seems to be determined to clip the wings of the Kashmiri politicians, who during all these years have maintained that India has to talk to Pakistan.
Mainstream politicians are finding themselves in a tight spot as they fear that issues which they thrived on during all these years are being snatched from them.