Vakil demands judicial probe

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Srinagar, Oct 22: President Jammu and Kashmir Bachao Tehreek and former minister Abdul Gani Vakil Monday demanded judicial probe into Kulgam killings.
In a statement issued, Vakil asked state governor and centre government to check these repeated actions of forces, failing which the situation in the valley will become disastrous one and nobody can stop people of the state from distancing from the mainstream to that extent that the return will become impossible.
Vakil said that everybody in Kashmir is not a militant. “We have already lost three generations to the conflict. How long will all this continue. Security forces are repeating such actions. All such forces should be checking failing which the central government has no moral right to call Jammu and Kashmir the integral part of the country. In the present dispensation the people have lost sense of security,” Vakil added.
Vakil said every killing is painful, notwithstanding how erroneously made. He said every such civilian killing has a tendency of vitiating the peaceful atmosphere.
“I am pained and emotionally amputated with this fresh incident. I have no words to condemn it. No circumstances can justify these civilian killings. The law enforcing agencies are not learning any lessons from previous such experiences,” he said.
The former minister said that such “unwarranted killings” have only inflamed the situation in the past and if such type of incidents are repeated again and again, there is apprehension that situation in the valley may turn ugly again.
“Peace should be given a chance to prevail…” he said,
He expressed his solidarity with the bereaved families, and reiterated his demand that a judicial enquiry be ordered so that the truth comes to the fore and guilty and culprits of this crime are booked and brought to justice.