Srinagar has no evening transport

Srinagar has no evening transport
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Srinagar is perhaps the only city in the country where public transport disappears as soon as the dusk sets in.
Authorities have failed to ensure that transport plies in the city during evening hours.
Minibuses disappearing from the streets provide an opportunity to auto-rickshaw drivers to charge as much as they want. Committers are left with no other option other than to pay through their nose.
One can understand that government cannot compel the private operators but if the authorities are interested they can make alternative arrangements by making the use of SRTC buses in the evening hours. It would also help the SRTC to earn some extra revenue and would help in ending the monopoly of the private transporters, who ply their vehicles as per their whims and fancies.
The people at the helm should take a note of the genuine demand of the commuters and formulate a plan to run the SRTC buses in the Srinagar city during the evening hours.
Till date the issue of public transport disappearing from the streets of Srinagar city has been raked on many occasions but the authorities have never paid a heed towards it. Every time commuters are told that this problem will be solved but it never happens.
It’s strange that despite authorities knowing it very well that private transporters are not interested to run their services in the evening hours nothing has been done till date to mitigate the sufferings of the commuters.
Is it that people at the helm want streets to remain deserted during the evening hours for some other reasons or they have just turned their back towards this grave issue. People in Srinagar deserve a better deal and they hope that Governor’s Administration would take a note of it.