Development of remote, backward area agenda of Congress: Saroori

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Kuchal, Oct 18: Claiming credit for setting out Inderwal on the path of progress and development since 2002 after people of this constituency reposed confidence in Congress Party, Jammu and Kashmir Pradesh Congress Committee Vice President and MLA Inderwal, Ghulam Mohammad Saroori said that he does not want to say that Inderwal has attained highest pinnacles of development during the past 15 years, but no one can deny the fact that a solid beginning has been made since 2002 and today it is on the threshold of entering into a new phase of prosperity and progress.
Saroori said this while addressing workers meeting here at Kuchal area of sub-division Chatroo said I do not say that everything has been achieved, but I can say with full conviction that it is Congress Party which has demonstrated intentions, will and ability to develop this tough region of the State. Hitting out at the National Conference, Saroori said that people are aware how the remote and backward areas were used as vote- banks for almost sixty years by National Conference and it is only Congress Party which made sincere beginning to initiate development activities.
Urging the people to vote heavily in favour of Congress candidates in the Panchayat poll and upcoming Parliament & Assembly polls, Saroori expressed confidence that Congress party under the leadership of Ghulam Nabi Azad will be able to realize the dream of making Chenab valley a “Model Region” of the State. Unfolding Azad’s vision for Chenab Valley, Saroori said that he will strive to make it a modern and progressive region of the State if people repose their faith in him and his Party, adding that development became an achievable notion and a realizable goal in J&K during the tenure of UPA government’s.
He also said that while all the regions of the State witnessed unprecedented development during this period, remote, hilly and backward areas like Chenab Valley also came to be given equal thrust and attention in order to overcome the “development deficit” of sixty years. “Today I come across statements of retrogressive, polarizing and divisive forces unsuccessfully trying to negate the good work done by Congress party to develop the remote and backward areas of the State like Chenab Valley and State of J&K in particular”, said Saroori and added that people of the remote and far flung areas fully appreciate what has been the role of Congress Party in initiating developmental activities after a neglect of almost six decades.
Saroori said that exploitative forces are trying hard to divide the people on religious lines by spreading misinformation about the achievements of Congress, however, the wise and sagacious people of the Inderwal will not allow such forces to succeed as there is a groundswell among the people to revive that era of progress and development which Congress demonstrated practically.
Castigating the political parties and leaders for using every possible method and mean to divide the people to gain electoral victories, Saroori said that Chenab Valley will expose the nefarious designs of such power hungry parties on the day of poll by voting in favour of Congress Party unitedly and zealously.
Saroori said that the true essence and attribute of a well meaning and people-friendly political party is how much it can satiate the urges and aspirations of all sections of society and discharge its responsibilities with fairness and equity, adding that it is only the Congress Party which has the credentials to do justice to all sections and regions of the society.