Braids of two women chopped in Shangus, Jablipora

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Liyakat Nazir

Kashmir was witnessing a new insecurity, as scores of braid-chopping incidents came into existence in 2017, leaving people drowned in fear.
There stayed a continuous question mark over the mystery of braid-choppers and many of the Kashmiri people were in confusion that whether the braid chopper even exist!
In last year, where Government and police worked hard to solve the mystery of braid choppers but appeared tiered and unsuccessful in finding out who were the these braid choppers and why! , And suddenly these braid choppers became invisible.
Now after a slight gap of one year braid choppers have emerged once again with the same fear from the south Kashmir’s district Anantnag.
On Wednesday, two braid chopping incidents were reported having only one hour gap from Shangus and Jablipora areas the district Anantnag.
Locals are again in fear. Girl students are not ready to go to school and remain disturbed in such a fearful condition. Females had totally lost their freedom since last evening. Parents are questioning themselves again that how to protest their daughters.
General public must remain alert in such a fearful condition and must not pay heed to rumours.
Locals have appeal the Governor administration to take the matter seriously and take serious steps to trace out these braid choppers.