Nizamuddin Bhat urges Governor to gain trust of younger generation

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Srinagar, Oct 16: Former Legislator Nizamuddin Bhat has urged state Governor Satya Pal Malik to take measures which can earn the trust of state’s younger generation in the system, presently seen hostile to them.
In a statement Bhat said youth is denied space to build careers both in and outside state. “While outside state they are projected as suspects and made insecure, within the state the entire generation is facing annihilation.”
Bhat said be it arrests or killings youth is chased without mercy. “Similarly, there is total denial of dignity and employment choking even the space for those who would claim sustenance or legitimacy on basis of merit and desire for rightful activity.”
Bhat said it is unfortunate that amid don of democracy and rule of law and a clamour for constitutional guarantees laws are flouted with impunity.
He said that system is tuned to suit atrocious approach of the state to subjugate than encourage an atmosphere of freedom, trust and liberty.
Bhat said successive governments have made half hearted efforts to create resources for better education, training and better opportunities. ”
He said very little has been done to gain their confidence and involvement as the real stake holders.
Bhat said there is a need to build a connect with the upcoming generation rather than to show them pitted against state power.
He demanded that all promises of amnesty and employment have to sustain. “So have to state secure a sense of belonging without which not only will alienation become deeper, the revolt also can become complex and grave.”
Bhat said it is high time that Governor administration reviews all cases against youth and political prisoners and executes the policy of amnesty to revive a process of positive activity with compassionate connect .