No enthusiasm!

No enthusiasm!
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First three phases of the Urban Local Bodies polls witnessed a very low voter turnout in Kashmir. People in the Valley, barring a few areas, did not show any inclination towards visiting the polling booths. At many places voters even did not know who the contestants were.
Kashmir based political parties National Conference and Peoples Democratic Party boycotting these polls has also made a difference. At many polling booths there were no polling agents. Despite all arrangements being at place the polling booths wore a deserted look.
Security agencies to a great extent have been relieved as the first three phases of the ULB polls have passed off peacefully.
The fourth and final phase of the ULB polls slated for October 16 is the last challenge for the security agencies. There is every possibility about the last phase passing off peacefully too but the possibility about voters thronging the polling booths looks bleak.People not participating in these polls, is an indication that holding parliamentary or assembly polls in the Valley won’t be an easy task. If New Delhi wants polling percentage to increase in the parliamentary and assembly polls then it would have to ensure that PDP, NC and other Kashmir based parties participate in the elections. New Delhi would have to rethink its strategy vis-à-vis PDP and NC. These parties cannot be ignored. Since the day PDP and NC have boycotted these polls many people are talking about it being a golden chance for new faces to emerge on the political arena of the Valley. But the question is would these new faces be able to fill the void and emerge as alternatives for PDP and NC?