Electric wire hanging on trees in Wanigam Payeen

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Bhat Yasir

Srinagar, Oct 12: Residents of Wanigam Payeen Pattan in Baramulla are up in arms against PDD for failing to install iron electric poles and new wires in the village keeping lives of people in risks.
Local residents of Wanigam Payeen said that absence of concrete electric poles and standard wire poses risk to their lives and property as most wires are hanging on the tress.
They said that there is a possibility that leakage current may also flow which can put the human lives at risk.
At times due to excessive activity of leakage current can generate enough heat to ignite wooden logs that are in shape of electric poles, particularly where there is contact between the wood and metal surfaces of power pole in residential areas, said another local resident.
However locals alleged that people living in Wanigam village which is just few km’s away from Pattan town are facing numerous problems and fact is that these residents are paying their tariffs regularly and PDD seems in a deep slumber.
We appeal the concerned department that, they should install the new concrete poles, so that the people will feel safe and secure, said a local resident.
Meanwhile senior citizens of village says that, this era is called modern era and in which people should feel comfortable and enjoy hassle free facilities like of electricity, portable water supply health care, good roads and internet but unfortunately people still use thin wooden logs, adding they often gets damaged by winds and snowing thus putting people in trouble.