Inderkote residents facing water shortage, stage protest against PHE deptt

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Raja Bilal

Srinagar, Oct 11: Residents of Inderkote area of Bandipora Thursday stages protest against PHE department about non availability of drinking water since three years. The area is the most affected and are facing water scarcity from last three years. Peoples here haven’t received a single drop of water.
A group of residents from Inderkote said “women have to go one kilometre away to fetch water or we are forced to fetch water from streams and consume contaminated water.
Mohd Altaf Dar a local resident said that “our area is without tap water for the last three years, we are facing a tough time due to water shortage. We brought into the notice of concerned officials many times but nobody is paying heed to our pleas. We are compelled to drink the reserved water, causing different types of diseases which become another threat to the people,” he added.
The people alleged that they were being deliberately left out from availing the benefits of water supply scheme. The locals lamented that the water supply pipes and the source are both contaminated and the water is unfit for human consumption.
“If other adjacent areas are being considered for better water supply why not our area. The local asked dozens of women and children complained they were suffering from the water born diseases due to poorly filtered water. “Many kids are suffering from jaundice and others have developed several intestinal infections. Some are suffering from hepatitis C”, they added.