Virat Kohli criticises quality of SG ball, and prefers the Dukes for Test cricket

India captain Virat Kohli has criticised the quality of the SG ball used for Tests in India, saying that it gets scuffed up too early and brings down players’ performance significantly as a result. He vouched for the Dukes ball to be used uniformly in Test matches around the world.
The SG ball has been used for Test cricket in India, but it has come under scrutiny lately. Offspinner R Ashwin said he was “pretty disappointed” with it after the Rajkot Test against West Indies, and now Kohli is also suggesting its quality has declined.
Virat Kohli has backed R Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja to come good in Australia, because of their ability to put “revolutions on the ball”.
“You look at guys who are putting revs on the ball, that’s something that I feel always works in overseas conditions. Guys who can get the ball to bite off the pitch are the ones to succeed – not just in the Indian conditions but overseas as well.
“If you see someone like Moeen [Ali] and the way he bowls, it’s the pace on the ball that puts you in doubt. And a little bit of an area if provided, then that can create doubts in your head because of the pace that they [spinners] have on the ball. I think Ash [Ashwin] did that beautifully in England, he bowled quicker than he used to and something that he has added to his game. Jaddu [Jadeja] obviously is the bowler who has always done that. I think these two guys are equipped to do the job for us in any conditions.”
“To have a ball scuffed up in five overs is not something that we have seen before,” Kohli said.
“The quality of the ball used to be quite high before and I don’t understand the reason why it’s gone down. A Dukes ball is still good quality, Kookaburra is still good quality – whatever limitations a Kookaburra might have, the quality is never compromised.