PDP floating new ideas

PDP floating new ideas
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Peoples Democratic Party on Tuesday held a meeting to discuss the future strategy to rejuvenate the party at grass root level. But the question is would these meetings revive the party?
Since the day municipal and panchayat polls have been announced in the state, the PDP has curtailed its political activities in the state. It seems the party suspended the political activities to ensure that its workers and leaders follow the poll boycott call in letter and spirit.
There were reports that PDP has fielded the proxy candidates in the ongoing municipal polls but these allegations were denied by the PDP chief spokesman Rafi Mir. He had made it clear that his party is not supporting any candidates. The poor polling percentage in the first phase of ULB polls is an indication that the PDP and National Conference had gauged the mood of people before these polls could commence.
PDP knows it very well that rejuvenating the party is a Herculean task as the party during the past three years has lost the ground and its workers have also been pushed to the edge. PDP leaders too have realized that joining hands with the Bharatiya Janata Party was a “bad deal” and it has almost consumed the PDP.
The party leaders are also aware about the fact that there is every possibility about the rebel group within the party becoming active again and making an attempt to form the government by joining hands with the BJP. By holding meetings the PDP leaders are trying to tell their activists that party is very much relevant and it could return to power again. The PDP is trying to undo the wrongs which the party committed after entering into an alliance with the Bharatiya Janata Party.