Vakil terms statement of Governor over Kashmir a realistic approach

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Srinagar, Oct 8: President Jammu and Kashmir Bachao Tehreek and Former Minister Abdul Gani Vakil while reacting on the observations made by Governor Satya Pal Malik in his recent interview where he said mistakes committed by the centre Government on different occasions in dealing with J&K situation are the main reason in distancing people of the valley from the mainstream.
Vakil described it as a realistic approach and said that it is true that the mistakes of centre Govt. beyond any doubt are responsible for the present situation as the central government in the past had never made serious and sincere efforts in resolving Kashmir issue instead they left no stone unturned in weakening the democratic institutions of the state and surprisingly now same approach is being adopted by the present BJP Government in the centre in dealing with Kashmir situation by holding fake elections which in the past Congress Govt. was doing for more than 2 decades.
Vakil said instead of making atmosphere peaceful for common people to live life without fear and create sense of security centre government is creating more fear by holding these elections when they know atmosphere is not conducive. Addressing the party convention in Srinagar today Vakil said in the past the central Government used Kashmiri leadership for weakening democratic institutions and unfortunately now Hon’ble governor is being used for the same. Will the present so called Local bodies’ elections help the people of the state to come closer to the rest of the country or will it distance them from the mainstream Vakil asked.
While addressing the gathering Vakil said Congress Government in the past in the centre is the creator of all problems in Kashmir and no doubt they damaged democratic fabric in the state and from time to time they also humiliated towering political personalities in J&K. It was Congress Government who kept the tallest leader of Kashmir Late Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah in jail for about 20 years for none of his fault and then brought him back, made him the Chief Minister and within a short period humiliated him by withdrawing support and even he was not allowed to give oath to his chosen cabinet in 1976. Similarly Bakshi Ghulam Mohamed a true nationalist was not spared and humiliated by managing his defeat then in Lok sabha elections.
“Farooq Abdullah was also undemocratically dethroned by defecting his MLA, s and was humiliated and it is unfortunate that Farooq Abdullah is still day and night praising leadership of congress and is even in alliance with them. BJP too has adopted the policy of congress whenever they are in power the only difference between the two is that congress intelligently and silently used all possible means to suppress the voice of people in the state while BJP believes in politics of polarization, it was BJP Government who rejected the resolution of autonomy and Omar Abdullah remained silent when he was a minister in Late Vajpayees Government and did not resign and protest”, he said.
“Congress Government in the centre appointed interlocutors and even nominated working Groups but nobody knows where the reports are and what happened to recommendations of working groups and now the BJP too has appointed interlocutor and similarly his report too is somewhere in the dustbin in the central Government”, Vakil added.
Besides others who addressed the gathering include General Secretary and Ex. MLC Syed Rafiq Shah, Secretary Advocate Syed Gowhar, Chief Spokesperson Hakim Parvaiz, Youth Secretary Rizwan Illahi and several other District and Block level office bearers. (PTK)