PHE cannot run away

PHE cannot run away
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Quality of drinking water being supplied in Srinagar city has come under scanner as the PHE has failed to provide the details of the quality of the drinking water in the city to a RTI activist who had sought the information from the department.
According to the media reports now the State Information Commission has intervened and directed the PHE to provide the activist with the information. The quality of the drinking water in Srinagar city has remained a cause of concern for the people during the past few years. People believe that quality of the drinking water has deteriorated over the years due to the “lackadaisical attitude” of the authorities and people are being made to drink contaminated water.
The PHE during all these years has remained in news for wrong reasons like many areas facing water shortage and filtration plants being defunct. Despite people raising hue and cry nothing much has been done to address the ground situation and defuse the crisis. Every year people are told that government is spending crores to set up new water supply schemes. If new schemes have been set up then why people are facing water crisis and do complain about they being provided with the contaminated water? Authorities cannot run away they have to answer these questions. The PHE department has to come clear and put it in public domain what it has done for the people. Water is prerequisite for life and this fact cannot be ignored. Nor can authorities sleep over the issue.
Since the day Governor’s rule has been imposed in Jammu and Kashmir most departments have been made accountable. One thing is for sure that this time around PHE cannot hide behind excuses and would have to explain what it’s doing for the people.