Are you walking enough?

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Get the posture rightGood posture makes for a com-fortable walk as it helps you to breathe easier and avoid back pain. Stand erect, but don’t arch your back and keep your chin parallel to the ground. While walking, the heel of your foot should land first.Comfort is the keyWalking shoes are typically rounded at the toes and heels. “You should select shoes that allow forefoot flexibility and are breathable. They should comfortable with adequate cushioning,” says fitness trainer Supriya Date. Simi-larly, wear loose clothes that don’t restrict movement.How much is good enoughExperts say walking doesn’t just help you lose fat and tone your calf muscles, it also boosts your immune system. A brisk 30-60 minute walk daily, is recommended. Those with a sedentary lifestyle and hectic working hours should walk for at least 20 minutes, three to four times a week. For most people, a brisk walk is one in which they should cover a kil-ometer in 10-12 minutes. Date says, “If you cannot maintain the same pace, do a brisk walk for two minutes, then walk at a comfortable pace for two minutes. Repeat this action. You can even break the 30 walk into morning and even-ing 15 minutes respectively. The most important thing is to walk regularly.”