4 habits to avoid for better

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If you’re sleep-deprived get rid of these patterns of behav-iour, today…Nighttime snackingIt might be tempting to reach out for that slice of uneaten piz-za or a box of doughnuts, but this is actually one of the most common habits that can keep folks from getting shuteye. Late nighteating is said to cause a gastro esophageal reflux disorder, in which where the stomach acid goes back into the esophagus causing acid reflux, say experts. This gives acid-ity and makes a person feel uncomfortable.Exercising very lateExercise is certainly a good habit but doing so in the late hours of the day is unwise. Experts outline the connection between a lower body temperature and achieving quality sleep. When you exercise it raises the body temperature and increases the metabolism. So, while this works well during the day, it’s not ideal of you want get into sleepmode.Watching too much TVUnfortunately the TV set is believed to be a part of the bed-room, but actually watching your fav crime or drama shows from your bed can set the pulse racing and make the rain too active. Also an exposure to violent programming is said to cause nightmares. Doctors advise mediation or prayer that helps to relax the system. One may also curl up and read a book.Working after hoursMost people tend to either spend late hours at the office or bring work home for late night. But this habit can cause stress and tension that leads to insomnia and loss of appetite. Pouring over a work presentation, number crunching or talking to col-leagues can make the mind very alert, and push up adrenalin and stress levels — quite the opposite scenario for a restful night.