How to maintain healthy joints while running

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Running is one of the best-known exercises, but sometimes, joint pain can be quite troublesome for a runner. Joint pain can have a lot of rea-sons and maintaining healthy joints is important if you are really serious about running. Running is one of the best-known exercises, but sometimes, joint pain can be quite troublesome for a runnerManage your weight wellYour weight is very important. If well maintained, it will take care of a host of problems. Losing even half-a-kilo of your weight can actually lessen around two ki-los of knee-joint load. Eat healthy and ex-ercise and maintain an optimum weight.Do it rightWarming up before you actually go for a run is important. You must make sure that your body is well-prepared for exercise. And just like warming up, cooling down is also very important because you need to gradually reduce the intensity of activity that running induces in your joints.Increase your flexibilityWhen you stretch or overwork your joint, injuries are likely. So once in a while, do exercises like squats to strengthen your muscles and increase your flexibility. This will also prevent injuries to your muscles and joints.If injured, give time to recoverMany of us feel that recovery time from an injury is not that important. However, in-juries in your joints, if not allowed to heal well, may end up worsening. So, even if it is minor, just give your muscles and joints time to recover and heal.Do the squat to check your strengthStand with your feet hip-width away from each other and toes pointing outwards, facing a wall. You should be at least two inches away from the wall. Place your hands on your waist or your temples. Now squat down, but do not stick your butt out, till your thighs are parallel to the floor. The motion should be akin to sitting down on a chair placed behind you. Do not bend your knees beyond your toes or you will hurt yourself. While doing this exercise, make sure that your knees or any other part of the body does not touch the wall.