US mediation can break the ice

US mediation can break the ice
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The United States has hinted at the possibility about mediating between India and Pakistan if both the countries give up hostile postures and enter into a meaningful dialogue.
“The US welcomes the positive messages that were exchanged between Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and how the two governments can build on what is already existing structures, whether it’s the national security advisor dialogue or the DGMO channel or the people-to-people ties that have been sustained through the bus service,” Alice Wells, the Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia has said.
It’s for the first time in the recent past that United States has come out with a statement stressing on both the countries to start a meaningful dialogue. President Trump’s regime seems to have realized that ties between both the countries have hit the lowest ebb and talks only can break the ice.
Since the day Imran Khan has become the Prime Minister of Pakistan he has dropped enough hints about his intentions to improve the relations with India. On August 20, Prime Minister Modi had sent a letter to Khan, conveying that New Delhi was looking for constructive and meaningful engagement with Islamabad.
United States can play a pivotal role in reviving the stalled Indo-Pak talks process and help in establishing peace in the sub-continent. Strained relations between India and Pakistan are threat to peace. If the United States decides to play the role of a big brother it can prove to be a game changer. Rulers in both the countries would not like to annoy the “big brother” (US) and would like to pay heed to the suggestion which has been put forth by the senior official of the Trump administration.