Chairs Placed in Glass, Diagrams of Footsteps: Kim Jong Un’s Visits Memorialised in North Korea

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Pyongyong: At the Kim Jong Suk cosmetics factory in Pyongyang, a North Korean tour guide dressed in traditional costume gestured to a wall of photos framed in brass and red velvet.
“On that day, the beloved supreme leader gave us a valuable lesson that he will make our country’s cosmetics industry world-class level,” she told a group of international journalists visiting for the 70th anniversary of North Korea’s foundation.
Besides photos of leader Kim Jong Un surrounded by smiling workers, the rooms were full of signs listing the guidance provided by Kim during visits in 2015 and 2017.
Glass cases preserve chairs, books, and lotion bottles he touched during his visit, while diagrams record every spot the leader stepped.
At model factories, schools and other facilities shown off to foreign visitors in Pyongyang, a common feature is several rooms devoted exclusively to memorialising previous visits by members of the North’s ruling Kim dynasty.
“The little museums displaying sacred objects touched by the leader are an integral part of the cult of personality that Kim Il Sung and his crew first developed along Soviet lines,” said Bradley Martin, a journalist who wrote a book chronicling the Kim dynasty, referring to Kim Jong Un’s grandfather and the country’s founding leader.