PDP, BJP fight it out

PDP, BJP fight it out
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National General Secretary of Bharatiya Janata Party Ram Madhav asking the Peoples Democratic Party and National Conference to reconsider their decision to stay away from forthcoming municipal and panchayat polls has triggered a war of words between the PDP and BJP.
Senior PDP leader and former finance minister Altaf Bukhari has hit out at BJP for what he called BJP leadership displaying an utter “disregard” to elected representatives and “dishonoring” democratic institution like Legislative Assembly in Jammu and Kashmir.
State spokesperson of BJP Khalid Jehangir reacted sharply to Bukhari’s statement and accused the PDP of blackmailing Centre over Article 35A and other issues.
Former allies have turned foes and have trained their guns at each other. One finds it difficult to believe that just three months ago both the parties shared power and used to swear by the Agenda of Alliance. Out of power leaders of both the parties are leaving no stone unturned to attack each other over one or other issue.
The demise of the PDP-BJP alliance has proved that it was an “unholy alliance” as both the parties had nothing in common. One fails to understand that how come both the parties remained in coalition for more than three years and how they were running the government?
Since the day PDP-BJP government has fallen the PDP has shown its inclination towards National Conference. Soon after NC announced that it would boycott the municipal and panchayat polls, PDP followed the suit and acknowledged that NC has done a right thing by announcing its decision to stay away from the polls.
Despite PDP and NC announcing to stay away from the polls the Government of India has decided to go ahead with the poll process to take on both the parties head on.