Hardik Patel’s weight loss figure swings wildly from 9kg to 20kg

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AHMEDABAD: What’s in a number? A lot when the person fasting unto death is a figure in the state’s political scenario, with the Lok Sabha elections nearing. So it is no wonder that Hardik’s weight, or rather the loss of it, has become a matter of intense curiosity and speculation. The figure swings wildly from 9kg to 20kg with doctors putting his weight loss at 13kg.Doctors of Sola Civil Hospital said that the vast variation in Hardik’s weight could be attributed to wrong standing position while weight was taken. “Whenever Hardik’s weight was taken, he was made to stand with someone’s support due to which the variations were registered in his weight,” said a doctor.The million dollar question then, is just how much weight has Hardik lost since August 25 after fasting without food and now sans water too?The doctor who had examined Hardik Patel on the 13th day of his fasting on Thursday said he has lost 13 kg of body weight.“Hardik Patel weighed 64.7kg on Thursday, which is a loss of nearly 13kg reduced from 78.4kg recorded on August 25 when he began his indefinite fast,” said Upendra Patel of Sola Civil Hospital.
Earlier on Tuesday, PAAS members pegged his weight loss at 20kg underscoring his critical health condition. It was on the same day that rebel BJP leaders Yashwant Sinha and Shatrughan Sinha arrived and added political weight to Hardik’s fast. They cited the alarming 20kg weight loss and urged the state and central government to hold a dialogue with Hardik whose fasting had impacted not just Gujarat but the entire country.