Not elections, restoring peace should be priority: Vakil to Governor


Srinagar, Sep 5: President Jammu Kashmir Bachao Tehreek and former minister Abdul Gani Vakil Wednesday asked the newly appointed governor Satya Pal Malik that the situation was not conducive for holding ULB and Panchayat elections and instead the governor should convene All Party Meeting.
In a press statement issued here, Vakil said elections are not everything; the priority at this crucial phase should be to create peaceful atmosphere and sense of security among people.
“Holding polls will backfire. The previous govt could not hold Lok Sabha elections and that brought shame to whole country. So in the interest of the nation holding polls of any kind is not a mature and viable decision. The position in valley is the same it was two years ago,” he said and asked the governor that keeping in view all these things, it is time to convene All Party Meeting.
About Article 35-A, Vakil reiterated his appeal to the mainstream parties especially PDP and NC to consider boycott of the elections until the issue of Article 35-A is settled. “It is of utmost priority. There is no clarity on it. The mainstream parties can take a clear stand against New Delhi on the Article 35A until the shadow is cleared,” he said.
He also criticised the remarks of National Security Advisor Ajit Doval in which he stated that separate constitution for J&K was a “mistake”.
Lambasting at Doval, Vakil said perhaps Mr Doval doesn’t know the history of Kashmir and if he goes like telling this that separate constitution to J&K was a “mistake”, then it depicts the inner feelings and intention of BJP government.
“If they do like this it will prove disastrous for them. Also by such remarks Ajit Doval is not serving the nation. He is talking in the thin air. He should know that there are UN resolutions on Kashmir and J&K was an issue, is an issue and will remain an issue until its resolution,” Vakil said.
Vakil said that the uncertainty in Kashmir suits PDP and NC as both parties were never sincere. “Had they been sincere, all the issues will get resolved, even the vexed issue of Kashmir, if both these two big regional parties are sincere,” Vakil said.
He said scrapping Article 35-A will make an end of relation J&K with India once for all.