NC makes lame excuse of 35-A, knows their defeat in polls: Monga

Srinagar, Sep 5: Senior Congress leader and (MLC) G. N Monga while reacting over national conferences decision to boycott Panchayat election said that he think that this is the most irresponsible statement.
He said that this is irresponsible particularly from one who had been the former Chief Minister. He said that the case of Article 35 A is pending in the Supreme Court.
Monga said that NC make lame excuse of 35 A as the issue is in the Court. Monga blames NC for doing no good to the people. “They know they are going to get defeated that is why they find excuses”, Monga said.
Monga added, “Since 1947 NC remained in power most of the times rather they say they converted Muslim conference into National conference to enjoy power whether it is Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah or his successors”.
He said that after the breakup of the earlier PDP-BJP Government they (NC) themselves favored elections. “They said governor rule should not go long way. Their first reaction was ‘Re-Election’. They actually don’t want decentralization of power of local man that is why they give such reaction. They are considered only to themselves”, he said.
Monga said that the NC wants power only for them adding that they are exposed; they don’t want to see common man in power. (PTK)