Er Rasheed appeals people of Jammu province to defend Art 35-A

Srinagar, Sep 5: Appealing people of Jammu province to defend Article 35-A at all platforms, AIP President Er. Rasheed has said that the special status whatsoever state is enjoying is not benefiting a particular community or a region but the entire state.
While interacting with people of different sections of society at Bhaderwah Wednesday, Er Rasheed said “It would be beneficial for BJP’s own politics not to find communal angle in every issue. Kashmiris are not enemies of people of Jammu and do believe strongly in unity and integrity of the state. However the elements who tried to find a communal angle even in shameless and brutal rape and murder of 8 year old girl are the real enemies of people of Jammu and those of humanity”.
Er. Rasheed reiterated his demand that Advocate Talib be released without further torture and humiliation and appealed people of all communities to raise voice in his favour, as he stood by the side of truth in Kathua case and that is the reason why he was subjected to all sorts of atrocities. Commenting on NC’s decision to boycott the upcoming Municipal and Panchayat polls, Er. Rasheed said “All saner voices were asking government to not conduct elections without a conducive atmosphere and without ending conspiracies against article 35-A and other related provisions.
However, NC needs to be reminded that it was none other than Farooq Abdullah and his party who would cry ten times a day asking for conducting of Panchayat and municipal polls and encouraged by Farooq Abdullah’s enthusiasm government declared poll schedule. NC leadership must clear its confusion on vital issues and without doing so the party’s stand harms only people of the state. While AIP has been appealing major political parties from day one not to participate in Municipal and Panchayat elections, NC needs to show consistency over its decision and main stream political parties must develop a consensus over Article 35-A and other related issues”.
Er. Rasheed during the day long interaction answered questions on different issues and assured people of Bhaderwah and Chenab valley that hearts of Kashmiris do always beat for the people of Chenab valley.