Ways to beat morning sickness in pregnancy

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You might be glowing because you just received the news of your pregnancy, but the initial few weeks might be tougher than you thought.Most pregnant women experience morning sick-ness during the first trimester. According to ex-perts, there are many things that trigger morn-ing sickness. While there is no cure for it, here are some ways to reduce it.- Take naps during the day or when you feel most nauseated.- Don’t stuff yourself all at once. Eat small, fre-quent meals, high in protein and fibre. Avoid fat-tening or spicy foods.- Carry a bag of snacks with you at all times, whether you are at work or heading to a mall. You could stock up on nuts, granola bars, dried fruits or crackers and biscuits. Going too long without food will lower your blood sugar leading to nausea.- Dehydration is a leading cause of nausea. Sip a little amount of water every few minutes throughout the day. You could also treat yourself with fruit juice but stay away from caffeinated drinks.- Keep a moist and unscented towel nearby to re-fresh your face after nausea or vomiting.- Smelling a bar of soap can reduce the vomiting sensation.- Go out every evening to get some fresh air and exercise. Opt for a brisk evening walk or do yoga and stretching exercises.- Taking vitamin B6 supplements is known to help with morning sickness. However, these should be taken only after consulting your doc-tor.