Rana for channelizing youth energies towards productive, inclusive direction

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Jammu, Sep 3: National Conference Provincial President Devender Singh Rana on Monday called for larger societal involvement in channelizing youth energies towards positive and productive pursuits.
“Each one of us will have to redouble efforts to channelise youth aspirations in an inclusive direction”, Rana said while inaugurating an establishment dedicated to promote healthy physical growth of youngsters at Roop Nagar here this evening.
Rana said the youth have an onerous responsibility to wage a decisive ideological battle against divisive forces, who have taken central stage by exploiting regional and religious sentiments to further their myopic and nefarious agenda. They must stand up to confront machinations being worked out by provoking the youth along the lines of communal and caste divisions.
The Provincial President said that the dream of realizing a harmonious society is possible only when youth come forward in a big way and help in changing the socio-political discourse by forging unity and strengthening the bonds of amity.
Referring to the facility created in this part of the winter capital for healthy growth of youth, Rana said that physical activity is imperative for overall development of a human being. He cited the time test adage that a healthy body leads to healthy mind. He urged the youth to develop habit of regular physical work outs, which are crucially important for mental and emotional stability besides living a quality and disease free life.
He appreciated the efforts of investing into youth development and hoped that physically and mentally healthy society is answer to all the ills.
Alongside physical growth, Rana also stressed the need for inculcating hope and positive values among youth, who are talented, intelligent and highly ambitious. He said while the families try to provide value-based upbringing, the society too must take a centre-stage in shaping their destiny on positive note. This is imperative in the larger context of the State, which is passing through a most crucial phase of its history, he maintained.
He also made an earnest appeal to youth to contribute by serving society, nation and the humanity by rising above personal and vested interest. “Youth are hope of tomorrow and we all have to work tirelessly to keep this hope alive”, he added.
The owners of the facility assured Rana while extending service in the vicinity, they will adhere to their social responsibility and help youth to grow in a healthy and conducive atmosphere.
Prominent among those present on the occasion included Th Kashmira Singh, former MLC, Dharamveer Singh Jamwal, Baldev Singh Bhau, Yog Raj Singh Bhau, Sandeep Manhas, Randeep Singh, Krishan Singh and Surinder Singh.
The Provincial President interacted with the youth present on the occasion and wished them best in their endeavours.