Anganwari workers disrupt traffic on Residency Road in support of their demands

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Srinagar, Sep 4: Traffic at the busy Residency Road was disrupted for half an hour as scores of Anganwari workers and helpers held sit-in protests in the middle of the road in Srinagar.
Scores of Anganwari workers started their protest rally from Partap Park and hold a sit-in at Residency road.
The protesting workers said that they are getting six hundred rupees as honorarium from the state share while their counterparts from other states get ten thousand rupees as honorarium on regular basis.
“We have been protesting from the past five months but coalition government did not pay heed to our demands. Since Governor’s rule has been implemented now, we are hopeful and expect our demands regarding increase in monthly honorarium and release of salaries on regular intervals will be addressed,” they said.
“Our state government gives us only 600 rupees as monthly honorarium and our counterparts in states like Haryana and Delhi get ten thousand,” the protesting Anganwari workers said.