People’s unity, resolve best guard against exploitation, abuse: Nizamuddin Bhat

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Srinagar, Aug 31: Nizamuddin Bhat former legislator and senior PDP leader has appreciated the resolve of the people of Jammu and Kashmir shown in defence of state’s identity and its constitutional position.
Bhat in a statement said the examplery unity displayed in the legal and political battle on Article 35-A shows the way forward for like-minded political and social groups who need to make a common cause on issues of mutual interest and concern.
Bhat said people of the state have hugely suffered on account of fragmentation and false posturing. “Prolonged political uncertainty, cultural degeneration and unabated loss of lives and property is more an outcome of disunity than the arrogance or intransigence of usurping powers,” he said.
Bhat said the constitutional position also suffered erosions in past because of disunity within. He said unfortunately there was lack of awareness among the masses for their avowed rights and their own history and they got hood-winked and exploited easily.
“It is the thing of past now. People are aware and the youth is committed which is changing this whole scenario.”
Bhat said it is the people’s power which offers the best defence and protection against any exploitation, for present and future. “It is this strength which has cautioned belligerent forces and the vested interest and serves as a warning to all against any misadventures.”
Bhat said that state of Jammu and Kashmir has undergone upheavals and has been struggling to sustain its distinct culture, its tradition, heritage and its unique political and strategic position.
“The present onslaught from belligerent forces inimical to its pride, place and aspirations of its people can spell havoc if people do not rise to the occasion with conscious and conscientious youth power at their command. This emerging force works as spanner against wheels of exploitation let loose by selfish individuals and groups within and without.”
Bhat expressed confidence that no one will bow onwards and no one will be allowed to play with legitimate interests as no one can or should take people’s power for granted.
He said political parties espousing the cause of people will have to exhibit honesty and sincerity as they cannot befool the aware who have offered immense sacrifices and are ready to stand up against any exploitation and abuse. (CNS)