J&K’s special status dear to all

J&K’s special status dear to all
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During the past few days newspapers have been filled by the advertisements about wedding invitations being cancelled on Aug 30 and 31 due to the shutdown called by the separatists against the attempts being made to tinker with the Article 35A, which provides special privileges to the people of Jammu and Kashmir.
People have preferred quiet weddings to drive home a point that they don’t want this Article to be scrapped.
In Kashmir weddings are lavish and people plan such events for years together. It’s not easy to cancel the invitations as the hosts make the preparations well in advance but the prevailing situation has left them with no other option other than to cancel the plans which they had made.
The row over Article 35A has disrupted the normal life in Kashmir as no one knows what is going to happen next. The people who are out to challenge the special status of Jammu and Kashmir need to realize that how they are putting the common masses in a tight spot. They should bear in mind that Article 35A has been there for the past seventy years and it’s nothing new. They are adding to alienation in J&K by playing politics over such a vital issue.
People in New Delhi should respect the sentiments of Kashmiris and allow them to live in peace. If they keep on raking up the issues which touch the skin of a common man it can evoke strong reactions from the people. Wedding invitations being cancelled are just a hint that J&K’s special status is dear to one and all and it should not be fiddled with.