Arunachal Pradesh, Assam on alert asChina’s Tsangpo river swells after heavy rainfall

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Officials in ArunchalPradesh’s East Siang districthave issued an alert after massive discharge, held to be the
highest in 50 years, in China’sTsangpo river following heavyrainfall in the neighbouringcountry.Originating in China,
Tsangpo is called Siang onceit enters India through UpperSiang district and then joinswith two other rivers, Lohit
and Dibang, downstream toform the Brahmaputra.In a circular issued onWednesday, Tamiyo Tatak,deputy commissioner of East
Siang, asked people living onboth sides of the river to remain alert “but not to panic”.The administration also
asked residents not to ventureinto the river for swimming,fishing and other activities.The circular says that as per
reports sent to New Delhi byBeijing “due to heavy rainfall in Chinese portion, the Tsangpo river is swelling with observed
discharge of 9020 cumec” at 8 am on Wednesday. As per Central Water Commission, the quantity of discharge in the Tsangpo 15 days
earlier, on August 14, was 8070cumec. Cumec or cubic metre per second is a unit of measuring water flow in rivers. A dis-
charge of 9020 cumec wouldbe equal to 9.02 million litres ofwater flow in the Tsangpo persecond.“We have issued the
circular as an advisory so thatpeople are careful. But there isno reason to panic at the moment. We are in touch with
officials in Upper Siang districtand monitoring the flow ofSiang,” Tatak told HT.Swellingin the Tsangpo which could
lead to rise in water levels inBrahmaputra has led officialsin Assam to be on alert too.On Thursday, the Dibrugarh administration issued
an order asking officers not toleave the district headquartersas “there may be unprecedented rise in the water level in
Brahmaputra thereby causingsevere flood” due to release ofexcess water by China.“Thereis a gradual rise in water level
of Brahmaputra, but it is notflowing over the danger markin Dibrugarh.