Soz has a point

Soz has a point
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Senior Congress leader and former union minister Prof Saifuddin Soz has asked the mainstream parties to move beyond the statements on Article 35A and take concrete measures to defend this vital Article, which provides special privileges to the permanent residents of Jammu and Kashmir.
Soz suggested that all party delegation should call the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh in New Delhi and make them understand the importance of this vital Article of the Indian constitution. Prof Soz has a point and it cannot be ignored. The mainstream parties in Kashmir need to join hands at this crucial juncture and convey it to New Delhi that politics would become difficult in the Valley if this Article is scrapped. They need to tell people at the helm that it could trigger protests in the Valley and would create uncertainty.
The politicians need to understand that they have to cut across the party lines and put up a united face to ensure that Article 35A is saved. They need to tell the people sitting in New Delhi that this Article has been at place for the past 70-years and it has not made any difference. They have to make Delhi understand that it should not make revocation of Article 35A as a “prestige issue” and allow the things to move on.
If this Article is scrapped it would turn the mainstream parties irrelevant in the Valley and would strengthen the belief of the people of Kashmir that New Delhi is least bothered about their sentiments. Mainstream politicians need to set aside their differences and prevail upon the Central government to diffuse the tension in the Valley.