Belligerent voices in India on Art 35-A have potential to rip country’s ethos: Nizamuddin Bhat

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Srinagar, Aug 28 Senior PDP leader and former legislator Nizamuddin Bhat has said that controversy on Article 35-A is the outcome of swelling belligerent voices in India which have potential to rip the country’s shared ethos further.
Bhat in a statement said the way these elements are threatening to impose their exclusive agenda both in political and legal forums, there is need to scuttle the nasty moves at the outset.
Bhat said it is heartening to note that people of Jammu and Kashmir have shown total consciousness about state’s identity, its history and specific protections availed by its people over the decades, despite political changes.
Bhat said the fight in Spureme Court and interventions from almost all groups and parties from Kashmir should augur well for much-needed unity and common ground to fight against any constitutional, political or cultural onslaught on us.
He said political parties, particularly those committed to Kashmir problem and its resolution should further unite to avail an opportunity offered in adversity.
He said it is high time that these parties and groups show strength of character and begin to reshape society on common and shared values and exhibit enough wisdom to draw the dissent voices closer.
Bhat said Jammu and Kashmir history has perpetually been reversed in post-partition times during which not only have the state lost much of its autonomy but has immensely suffered in loosing its physical personality and cultural independence.
He made a fervent appeal to conscientious class to forge unity in thought and action and stand guard against fragmentation of ideas and ideologies which are important to hold the state and its people together.
Bhat said the emerging generation offers hope that a new discourse suited to aspirations of the state’s people and befitting state’s distinct history will be thrown
open vigorously so that there are no betrayals or failures.